IPv6 node unable to reach IPv4 node


I have 2 nodes, a laptop with a public IPv6 address and a server behind NAT with an IPv4 address.

The laptop is unable to reach the server’s managed IPv4 address unless I move to an IPv4 network. When I ping from the laptop and tcpdump on the zt interface, I can arp requests going out and on the server I can see the arp requests from the laptop coming in on the zt interface with the corresponding replies from the server going out. The replies are not getting to the laptop.

Both seem to be relaying through 992fcf1db7. From the server I can see the corresponding incoming + outgoing traffic to the relay’s IPv4 address. However, on the laptop, I can only see the outgoing IPv6 packets that would be the arp requests but not the incoming replies.

Any ideas how I can trace where the ARP reply packets from the server are being dropped?

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