IPV6 Routing/Connection not working

Background: I have had Zerotier working (mostly) with IPV4 to be able to access my LAN when on other networks (except on cellular). My ISP unfortunately has me on CGNAT for IPV4. On other non-CGNAT networks Zerotier works just fine and I can access devices on my LAN just fine. However, if I am on a CGNAT on both sides (ie on cellular) ipv4 connection with zerotier doesn’t work. Since my ISP does provide a /56 IPV6 prefix I have been trying to get that working with zerotier to hopefully have a more seamless experience, even when on cellular.

Problem: Connections/packets do not seem to be passing between my Zerotier interface and physical interface on my linux machine that is the zerotier “bridge” (not actually bridging, but a route between Zerotier and my physical network: Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks).

With Zerotier configured on the web side, ip6tables configured on the linux machine, and a static route configured in my router (Edge Router X), I can ping (but not access?) the Zerotier assigned IPV6 address of my Linux box running Zerotier from other Zerotier clients (tested using my phone on a cellular connection), but I cannot ping or connect to the LAN assigned IPV6 addresses of either the linux box running Zerotier or any other local clients not running zerotier.

Any help would be appreciated, I can share any sanitized configs neccesary.

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