Is Full tunnel mode via a Relay possible?


I have done lots of reading and i know its possible to set a VPS to route all my internet over it. (Full tunnel mode)

But I want to find out if its possible with zerotier to route through a specific node to get to an other node?

We have pretty bad routing to AWS servers with my isp in my country. If i connect directly to my aws node i would have latency of 350ms.

So to fix this i have a VPS in a data center close to me that has better routing to AWS. And i am using it as a relay between my pc and AWS. I had to set this up manually.

My pc ==>Relay VPS = 3 ms
Relay VPS ==> AWS server 120ms

Total latency via relay VPC = 123ms
Latency directly from my PC to AWS server =350 ms

Would it be possible to use zerotier to route VIA my Relay VPS ? And use AWS as exit node (Route all internet out of it)? Basically full tunnel mode VIA a Relay Node?

I made a small picture to show the route.

If its possible can somebody please point me in the correct direction. Or if i am missing a simple solution please let me know.



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