Is it possible to create a ZeroTier Version for the new Steam Deck?

Is there a chance to make ZeroTierOne run on the new Steam Deck ?

From the looks of it, you can turn on Dev Mode and possibly just install it on the root filesystem of the SteamDeck. It’s just Arch Linux underneath and has full access to Arch’s AUR.

If you’re asking if ZeroTier will officially support the Steam Deck, then I can’t answer that at this time.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

But I haven’t worked with Arch Linux before

I need the correct Files and a Tutorial pls :slight_smile:

Start with the Arch Wiki… they already have a page for ZeroTier…


Can someone send me the installation files pls.

I have some problems to install it on Steam Deck.

The Arch Linux files pre installed in a folder pls


@alexander_meiss2 This is probably something you’re going to have to figure out on your own, or wait a while for someone else to figure out. Not that many steam decks have shipped yet, and the subset of people that both have steam decks and use ZeroTier is even smaller. There’s plenty of info online on how to use Arch Linux. I’m sure there’s plenty on using Arch related specifically to the Steam Deck as well. You’ll have to put together the pieces from there.

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Thank you this is very helpful :relieved::+1:

Best Community Ever

Iam going on an adventure to solve this Puzzle

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Even in Developer mode it doesn’t appear to allow for AURs, and even if it did, every system updates undoes any and all actions performed under sudo. A Flatpak version of Zerotier would be godsend.


A Flatpak version of Zerotier would be godsend

We hear ya :wink:


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