Is Muchanviableski:2439 used with ZeroTier Service?

I was doing netstat on my pc because I saw that there were 60+ connections from my PC going out of my router and I notice that muchenviablesk:2439 and to port 9993, 2483, 50300, 23346, 4606, I do notice that port 9993 is for zerotier udp.
I want to make sure this for zerotier and i dont have worry about spyware or malware on my PC. I do check my PC every couple days for malware and i have found anything.

Here is screenshot of what i saw


You would need to repeat that but with name resolution disabled. There’s no way from a screenshot with a bare hostname in it that anyone can tell you what it is.
Having said that, everything in that output looks like it is talking to itself - every destination port has a source port in the other column.

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