Is there a list of Routers with support for ZT?

Is there a list of Routers with support for ZT ? Either out of the box or with a simple install.

I am aware of OpnSense (and presumably PFsense, both BSD based and very fusy about modems for mobile comms (no drivers)) and Teltonika.

My objective is a single box solution with router, a robust Firewall and onboard mobile SIM support and a competant built in access point that supports ZT.

Does this Unicorn exist ?


Keith C

Hi @KeithC Yes, there is! Here is our currently supported list -->

Thanks Joy, OPenWRT may open up some options for us


Keith C

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If you need them, here are some user-created guides about ZT on OpenWRT:

YouTube video guides about ZeroTier on OpenWRT"zerotier"+and+"openwrt"

Kyson Lok’s Set Up a ZeroTier Network on OpenWRT

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