Is there a way to disable DNS?

I have zerotier bridged on my openwrt router. Windows clients outside of my home are using the DNS of my home pi-hole. I would like them to not be able to automatically find the pi-hole, and instead require me to assign the ip of the pi-hole for queries. Windows apparently tries to fetch DNS from every ethernet adapter and picks whichever responds the quickest.

Home LAN:

  • router:
  • DHCP:
  • pi-hole:

Zerotier network:

  • Managed routes:
  • auto assign:

All of my devices outside of the home network are assigned addresses in the 192.168.197 block.

its not dns you need to block, its netbios name resolution

Netbios uses these ports, so just block them in your “flow rules”:


Giving it a shot. Will report back.

I tried dropping netbios to no avail. I successfully blocked port 53 on IPv4 with

ipprotocol tcp
and sport 53
and dport 53

IPv6 is still passing DNS info though.

ZeroTier itself does nothing to configure DNS for your networks automatically. The one option that is there to configure DNS can only configure it for a specific search domain & must be manually enabled on each ZeroTier client. You must have some configuration elsewhere that is pointing everything at your DNS server.

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