Is there any way to manually update the ip of the peers node?

I found a problem: when the network environment of a device changes (the public network ip also changes), but zerotier cannot update the ip in peers in time, so the device cannot access other devices in the zerotier network, and it takes a long time The time ip will be updated. Is there any way to manually refresh the device ip in listpeers?

That is supposed to happen automatically. If I understand the question. What type of devices are you seeing this on? What type of networks?

I have a server with public ip as a root controller,one device is a openwrt router in my home,another device is a mac laptop.
I wiil work with my laptop in different network environment, So I can connect to my home network by zerotier.
But I found that zerotier can’t update the p2p connection in time after I switch the network environment.
I use the “zerotier-cli listnetworks” command to see that the public network ip of the laptop is still the old network.
I guess there is a health detection mechanism here to obtain the public network ip of the device, but this time seems to be very long.Until the laptop updates the p2p connection information, it cannot connect to the zerotier network.

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