Is this even possible?

Upfront apologies if this has been asked before. Also I am not a networking engineer just a software engineer. We want to use ZeroTier and MikroTim LU009 routers to create home labs. A lot of our instrumentation is in the hands of different team members. We want to be able to share equipment. So by using the router and ZeroTier we hope to be able to share amongst the team members.
Each person’s house is a ‘lab’. We want to put the LU009 behind each person’s ISP router and connect our instruments to the LU009. This instrumentation cannot have ZeroTier install on it. Each router is registered with a different IP range in the ZeroTier network. Every lab would have a different IP Address range.

So is it possible to be in a home lab network behind a LU009 using IP Address range of and be able to connect to a home lab network that is again behind a LU009 using an IP Address range of

Here is a drawing showing what we are wanting to do.


There is nothing special in your setup :wink:
See Zerotier router setup not working - #4 by AndrewZ

Thanks! I will check that post.