Is ZeroTier available on any commercial IP camera

I would love to have a remote IP camera using ZeroTier connected to my Blue Iris NVR.
I would think adding the ZeroTier client to IP camera firmware would be simple for the manufacturer but I can’t find one. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Not that I know of. It would make a ton of sense for someone to do that.

Can you install software on the NVR?

Blue Iris installs on windows computers and makes them great NVR’s with web access.
Add ZeroTier and you have secure remote access to your Blue Iris NVR cameras but the cameras must be on the local network or use port forwarding to allow Blue Iris to access them remotely. Most IP cameras are running Linux based firmware and many of them offer remote access via their companies cloud servers. The US government has banned federal agencies from buying some of them because of security issues with the remote access. I disable that feature on the IP cameras I use. I tried contacting a few of the companies but nothing has come of it so far. I am sure ZeroTier would see a revenue increase if the IP cameras included the ZeroTier client because camera security is a major corporate investment world wide.

As of now it would be possible only if you install a linux router (ex. Rasberry Pi or Linux PC) on the location of the cameras. I have actually done this for a client and it’s working pretty good.

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