Is Zerotier the right solution for 3-way Network Bridge?

Looking to find out if what I’m trying to do is the right solution, and if anyone has any hints/tips to help make this work successfully.

I’ve got three individual networks that I’m trying to bridge to allow them to access each other’s devices, and essentially form one large network. The 3 individual networks are setup with 192.168.1.x / 192.168.2.x and 192.168.3.x IP ranges and the subnet, with each of the individual networks having most of their devices with static IP addresses but also having an OpenWRT router (which is what I’m looking to run the ZeroTier connection through) and individual DHCP servers within their own IP range.

I’ve got it enabled, and it seems to be working in a very limited extent. An iPhone connected to the VPN can connect to one individual device on the network (192.168.1.x) but as soon as the ZeroTier VPN becomes active the network itself looses internet connection and even can’t see things on its own network locally? What am I doing wrong here?

Yeah… Bridging has some gotchas.
Do you want/need broadcast and multicast traffic going across all three LANs?
DHCP requests and replies, for example, will be flying in all directions. You can block things like that with the zerotier flow rules.

IMO it’s easier to use routing. Especially if you have something like openWRT for the default gateway at each site.

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