Isolating Internal LAN ip's through ZeroTier SDWAN

I’m completely new to ZeroTier. Please be easy on me…

Here is my goal.

I’d like for my NVR/ ip Phone System at each end point Server/Client that only sees and communicates with each other across the SDWAN. In other words, a device/ appliance loaded with those credentials calling out just that traffic both in-bound and out-bound. Calling out only those internal ip addresses to the SD WAN traffic. Ideally curtailing a QOS . Otherwise, all other Internet traffic is resolved at the requested DNS.

Is that possible? Or does all traffic have to be routed through the SDWAN?

Is there a stand-alone appliance? Clearly, I will require one at each end point. Or does ZEROTIER credentials need to be loaded onto an open-source router such as OPEN DDWRT? Then with-in the GUI I isolate out my traffic.

Perhaps I’m missing something, or I don’t have a full understanding.

With all due respect.


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