Issues connecting to a single node

I have put in a request into support as well but I figured I would post on the forums as well to see if anyone else has any ideas.

I have a node ( which can not connect to one, and only one other node ( Each of the two nodes can connect to every single other node in the system (over 50) except to each other. This is only happening on one wifi network.

I have re-installed zerotier on both machines, no difference. I have contacted the system admin of the wifi network and they said they are not blocking any ports or specific ip’s.

If I connect to my cell phone’s hotspot or any other network, then the two machines can talk to each other with no issues, it is just the one Wifi network.

The machine is running Windows 11, and the is running Ubuntu 20.04.

Any bright ideas from the community? I am running out of options/ideas.

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