Issues with Android 13 on Samsung A71

I’m trying to link access my home network from my phone which is Samsung A71 with Android 13.
Regardless the version I use (tried most recent as suggested older as well) always having same issue:
Zerotier app says it’s connected, Website says it’s connected, but nothing works:

  1. I can’t ping the phone from any other device,
  2. I can’t see any device from the phone.
  3. If I’m connected to Wifi at home, most of devices from my LAN are not visible to the phone. (if I switch zerotier off - they are appearing back in scan results)

I was using zerotier on my laptop and never had any problems, but on mobile phone it’s real disaster.
Any suggestions?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem as well: from Android I could never connect to any windows device

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