Issues with Android TV

Hi I have been using zero tier one for a while, And recently I Knew of this issue, First: I use zero tier one to access my pc remotly from my phone either from Unified Remote server, and from Moonlight to play my pc games, but one day I took my Android tv (Xiaomi TV Stick) to my aunt house but when I tried to acces my computer using the sideloaded apk version of Zero Tier One the connection where sucessful but the connection was very slow, I though that it was due to zero tier one network, but when I connect my phone (Honor 8X), the connection was working fine from the phone, I made the same test various times, even in my home, and the result was the same, I ask someone to let me know why is this happening, the Android TV is on version 9 it has dual band Wifi, but the phone that is on android 10 and had only 2.4Ghz wifi, is connecting correctly, maybe is too much to ask for an Android TV app.

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