It IS possible to run ZeroTierOne under WSL2 - I have done it

While trying to find a way to make WSL2 more usable, I stumbled upon this categorical statement that it was not possible to run ZeroTier under WSL2— (I have restricted links - google "Unable to install in Windows WSL2")

First I installed Docker more or less as explained here

Then (because it is so much more user friendly than Docker) I installed Portainer more or less as explained here

Finally, I created a Portainer stack (docker compose) from a docker hub distribution more or less as explained here:- (restricted links again)

One caveat: If you install zerotier on the host windows machine afterwards, you will need to stop the container first, otherwise you the “waiting for zerotier service” problem.

After that, I now had a fixed address for my WSL2 that survives restarts, can be plugged into DuckDns etc. Makes SSH much more usable too!


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