Join ZeroTier Engineering!

Hello, ZeroTier community!

My name is Lennon, and I joined ZT in March as Head of Engineering.

We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipe to share with y’all in the coming months, but also need more amazing team members to join us and help make the vision become real.

Specifically, I’m looking to hire for two positions. These are full-time, salaried, remote roles on our core engineering team:

Note: we unfortunately aren’t able to sponsor visas or hire internationally at this time. These openings are for FT team members based in the US.

We’d love applications and referrals from y’all, our amazing community of hackers, network admins, IT providers, and wild scientists.

If you or someone you know might be a good fit please do apply/encourage them to do so. I’m also happy to answer questions here or privately via email.




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