Joined network stuck in REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION


I just installed ZeroTIer One for windows, and joined a network using the cli. Its stuck in REQUESTING_CONFIGURATION. Windows firewall is inactive.
Do note that I’m in a school, so I’m behind several NATs, there is local isolation, and the network firewall block EVERYTHING but 22, 80 and 443 TCP in the forward direction. UDP is not allowed at all.
But tcpFallback is not being activated either.
And yes, being in this school network is necessary, the point of this is to manage a Raspberry Pi remotely.
Thank you in advance.

You’re quite possibly in the most hostile network environment for anything peer to peer that I’ve ever heard of. Between client isolation, UDP blocking, multiple NATs, and outgoing TCP port restrictions, ZeroTier is not going to work well no matter what you do. Your best bet is to get buy-in from your school’s IT department to loosen restrictions on the machines you want to run ZeroTier on.

Thank you for the answer,
Loosing restrictions further than perhaps between client isolation is probably a nono.
Well fuck, I guess I’ll always have to be on-site for managing that stupid Pi 4.
Thank you.

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