Joining a server to a DC


Im in the process of connecting two servers in separate data centers together.

Previously i have used and configured a VPN server for this, but i wanted to try another alternative solution.

I want a secondary server to join the DC. Tried hamachi, but this did not work, then i stumbled across this program.

There were posts dating back to 2016 on this subject, but ive not found anything afterwards.

Am i wasting my time trying to achieve this with ZT, or shall i look elsewhere?


Welcome! If you install zerotier on your servers, they’ll definitely be able to talk to each other, but what Windows/AD needs beyond that, is out of my area of expertise.

We’re working towards a DNS server push feature, which is could be relevant to your usecase. Should be out pretty soon.

@afterit We have used ZeroTier to join servers up. We have our primary DC, and then some servers hosted at other datacentres, all connected back to the primary.

One thing you’ll need to do is set the DNS on the ZeroTier interface to point at your DCs DNS server(s). After that, it should be plain sailing.

@me if you need anything else.

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I do this too on a domain controller running on azure, be careful of dual homing.

Server 2019 in azure auto checks to register all NIC dns even if you choose not too.

Zerotier works flawlessy with active directory and work great with people working from home as they usually have sub 15ms ping times to my domain controller running in azure than to my on campus ISP.

For DNS, i set the primary to the DC running zerotier and the secondary running locally.

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