Joining laptop to domain of a win server running as vm on Virtual box

Total rookie here but:
I have desktop running windows 11 and on it… a Win 2019 server VM running on virtual box. And a laptop. All on zero tier network.

I created a domain on the vm server and DNS seemingly successfully.

However I can not join the laptop to the domain.

I can see the server on the network from the laptop and ping the server from the laptop however only get my local wifi ip as a reply (not the zero tier ip)

All three have been added to the the zero tier network successfully.

Stupid q but can you force hosts or that server on the network to use the zero tier IP not the wifi IP.

out of my depth here but thought I’d see if I can add a laptop to my domain to learn stuff.

Something to do with DNS or bridging idk. Any area I should be focussing on?



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