Joining two ZeroTier Networks

Hi, we have two ZeroTier networks, one for our US offices and one our UK offices. Is there a way to join/bridge these ZeroTier networks?

There’s no way to automatically do this. Each network is it’s own thing.

Your best bet would probably be to either pick one network and have everyone use that, or add a 3rd network that both UK & US offices also join. (You can join multiple networks at once on all desktop clients, though mobile clients are limited to 1 at a time).

One other option would be to add a node that’s joined to both networks. You could then configure it as a router between the two networks. This sort of breaks the peer-to-peer properties of ZeroTier, though, as all traffic US Offices <–> UK Offices would need to route packets through this router node.

Thank you for your response, it’s much appreciated. Joining the devices to both networks should do the trick as I can ping and get a response from kit on separate networks.


Of course you can join the networks via a router that is running zerotier. There is documentation online that allows you to use a raspberry PI at both ends and route traffic between networks OR you have a main router/firewall such as opsnese and install Zerotier to route traffic between the two networks…

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