Layer 2 bridging with Gl.Inet routers

Hello, I need some help with layer 2 bridging on a Gl.Inet router. It has luci and openWrt and I currently have it in layer 3 on my ZeroTier network. Can anyone assist please?

@zt-travis can you please assist with layer2 bridging?

Check this older article:

This will help with some of the networking concepts and zerotier config:

more info

Hi @zt-travis

Thanks for responding. I know all of those articles but am confused about the IP setting of the router. For example, at the moment I have a 4 different routers from 4 different locations connected into my zerotier network but I think it’s layer3. I have managed routes for each one forwarding their subnet to their zerotier IP.

How can I make all of them a part of one zerotier layer2 bridge? That’s my goal.

If you’re routing between different subnets, that’s layer 3. This is the more typical way to do it. Unless you have specific needs that require broadcast or multicast.

If you want them all bridged, they all need to be in the same subnet. Each site’s physical network and the zerotier network need to be in a same subnet. This might be hard to do.

Remember, any broadcast packets will be sent (behind the scenes by zerotier) to every other node -over the internet to the other 3 sites.

Pick a big subnet, say:

ipcalc                                                                                                                                                         ~/repos/tmp/typespec
Netmask: = 20

Address space:	Private Use
Hosts/Net:	4094

The have each site use a different range for ip address assignment
zerotier: -
site1: -
site2: -

DHCP will make it across the bridges, so you’d probably want to block dhcp in the zerotier network’s flow rules.

I’m not really sure how to set that all up. I am confused as to which would be the DHCP server? Can you give more concise step by step instructions starting with zerotier and the first network for example? All routers would be using openwrt.

By the way, I can currently use broadcast, because I can use wake-on-lan from my phone connected to Zerotier and it wakes up my computer at another location.


@zt-travis any update brother?

You should look at buying the GL Inet security gateway as it has zerotier builtin with an easy to use GUI:

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