Lazy interface?

Hi all,

Newish user to Zerotier. And I’ve just stumbled across a problem that is baffling me. Apologies if this has been covered before, I couldn’t find anything that matched the exact problem. If I am being blind, feel free to post the link, it would be much appreciated.

Previous scenario, I had PFSense running in the cloud, protecting a couple of servers (Ubuntu 22.04). Zerotier installed on both servers. UFW not enabled on the servers.
The only ports PFSesnse allowed was 80/443 which pointed to a reverse proxy.
Never had issues.

I have just had a requriement to setup a standalone Ubuntu server. Just using UFW (not an expert on IPTables). UFW was enabled. Only rules was to allow outgoing traffic. So standard UFW setup really.

Installed Zerotier and all works… Kind of. If I have to reboot the server, it takes around 4 minutes for Zerotier to connect and be alive for my connections. Not a serious issue in itself but, irritating.

I have had a look at logs, and the only thing I can see, appears to show Zerotier trying to get out, which it does after the said 4 minutes.

Never had to open 9993 when using PFSense, so curious to what might be happening here.

Your thoughts welcomed.

Forgot to add: While Zerotier isn’t connecting within those four minutes, if I ping out from the server, connection starts immediately.

I am noticing the same lazy behavior on a MikroTik.
It takes ages to connect after a device reboot (really between 3-5 minutes).
MikroTik only offering version 1.10.3 as of now though - but nothing I can change.

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