Libzerotiercore examples

Dear all,

I am trying to use libzerotiercore to develop an application. However, I cannot find any code example that shows how to use its C API (described in ZeroTierOne.h). I have seen that for libzt there are a few C examples on github. However, no C examples are provided on github for libzerotiercore nor are available on the internet elsewhere.

Is there a way to access example code based on libzerotiercore ?
Thank you in advance.

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Hello Massimo.

libzerotiercore is used by libzt and ZeroTierOne. The place where this code is used is typically found in ZeroTierOne/service/OneService.cpp or libzt/src/NodeService.cpp. Those are the two best public examples of how to use the API. After you’ve taken a look feel free to come back here with any questions and I can help you out.

I’d recommend you start looking at NodeService.cpp as it is about half the size of OneService.cpp and contains less irrelevant code.

Hope that helps!

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