License Question - (Unable to Contact Support/Sales)


Looking at utilizing ZeroTier for a backup to our VPN. We are a small/medium business of approx. 130 users.

Can we use the free version if we are only using this as a backup, and if we stick to the 50 user threshold?

Also, there is no contact information for sales or support, just an annoying loop sequence of clicking ‘Contact Us’ and being directed to this forum. Any help is much appreciated.


Hi John,

First and foremost, I am really sorry about the trouble finding our sales contact form. You can always contact the sales team via our contact form at Do you mind me asking where you were clicking from — for example, was it within

As for your question, our current pricing is mainly based on the number of Members / the number of Admins / and the type of Support. From your description, it sounds like you could use our Free tier as a network backup as long as you are under our Member and Admin limits.