Licensing and "Commercial Use"

I’m really just a hobbyist and tinkerer, so pardon my ignorance on software licensing.

I’m trying to understand how ZeroTier licensing works as it applies to “Commercial Use.”

I read a long thread on GitHub where some users called ZeroTier’s “Open Source” bona fides into question with their “Commercial Use” policy.

Does commerical use really just mean using ZT to create a SaaS product that can compete with ZT’s operation? Or is “Commercial Use” anything that is part of a for-profit endeavor?

For example, if a company wanted to use ZT in lieu of a VPN, though they weren’t “re-selling” ZeroTier technology as their own product, is that considered “Commercial Use” under Zero Tier’s licensing?

I’m not a lawyer so I don’t want to try to tell you anything but checkout the license

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