Limit who can Broadcast UDP

Hi All,
I am knew to networking so I appologizee if this topic has been answered or if I dont quite undestand how broadcasting works but I did not see results when searching “Broadcast”. Is it possible for me to restrict who can broadcast UDP packets on ZeroTier? My configuration is for theater and I would like one computer acting as lightboard to broadcast ArtNet UDP packets to each of the performers computers. If my performers accidently click the wrong button in the lighting software or multiple people broadcast the ArtNet signal; the lighting equipment flickers. Is it possible to manage this similar to the “Auth?” checkbox so that I can remotely control who is allowed to broadcast?

The rules engine can do that. See the “flow rules” section of your network.

maybe something like this (not tested)

tag udpserver
  id 1000
  default 0
  enum 1 yes;

accept tor udpserver 1;

break chr broadcast;


After you save a Tags Matrix will appear below the rules and you can select which nodes you want to be allowed.
To revert back to an open network, just make accept; the whole rule set.

You can create a separate network to experiment on.