Linux join network problem

I currently have zerotier installed on linux mint, and I also have a zerotier GUI installed as well from here Currently I have added join network and it says requesting confirmation, but nothing shows up in zerotier central. What am I missing.

It’s possible there’s a firewall on the machine or between the machine & the internet that is blocking ZeroTier. Or, if this same node ID had previously been deleted from the same network, you’ll have to re add it manually:

There is currently no firewall blocking zerotier. I try to add my network ID using this command.
sudo zerotier-cli join <network_id>

It gets added to gui but nothing shows up on zerotier central.

what’s the output of zerotier-cli info and zerotier-cli peers

This is what I get:


zerotier-cli peers:

See that TUNNELED in the output of zerotier-cli info. That means either a firewall on your machine, or on your network is preventing direct connections between nodes running zerotier. Until that’s fixed, you’re going to have issues using ZeroTier.

We try our best to operate through restrictive network environments, but sometimes we can’t get through some configurations.

I have no firewalls on my mint machine. I have also a windows machine at my place that I connect to at my parents place which is a server that also runs windows. I do a lot of RDP and have a little problems. I just find this really strange.

Well something either on that machine, or on the network is blocking connections. If you can solve that, you’ll be up and running. We have no insight into your machines’ configurations or configurations of your physical networks, so there’s nothing I can see from my end to help point at what it is.

Currently now on my home network I am using a homelink for my mint pc would that have anything to say. I just find it very strange when I can RDP with my windows machines, but on linux they want show up zerotier central at all.

I manged just recently to install zerotier on debian server I have running at my parents place, and now its added to my network. Maybe it has something to do with me running mint mint on my home network, I find this really strange.

I got it up and running now, I had to install a different distro. Mint was the problem.

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