Linux problems with DNS/routing traffic


I am new to zerotier.

I setup a network and added some machines and apparently working.

My home router - opnsense has the zerotier plugin.
I found I guide to set it up for that, & setup the network.
I use that as my DNS server, which I added as one in zerotier.
I added the route of through the router, and got it working also.

So through my phone, can use it as DNS and route traffic. I confirmed it using the whatsmyip site and the log queries in the router (I use adguard for DNS filtering).

The phone setup is only really for testing.

I have 2 x linux laptops - ubuntu 2204 mate

They are both connected and can ping each other & the router.

The problem is how do I route traffic and use my router as DNS.

I tried the options:
sudo zerotier-cli mynetworkid allowDNS=1
sudo zerotier-cli mynetworkid allowDefault=1

They do not work.

I need to use zerotier to access my home dns & route traffic when using public wifi.
Opening up ports in the router and accessing that way is not an option either.

If I cannot do this, it seems zerotier is of little use to me.

Useful feedback is appreciated. I am no linux guru.