List current DHCP assignments by controller


How would I get from my controller a list of the DHCP IP address assignments in a node_id/ip fashion such that I can see from my controller which IP address has been issued to a connected node?

./zerotier-cli peers seems to only show me the public IP address that the node is connecting over, and does not tell me the IP address of the node on the zt network, so I do not know what IP to use remotely controller side.

Of course I can get this info from the node itself, but for remote deployment scenario I do not have access to the node. I guess I could do ipconfig on the node remotely, but really I would like a means to see what the controller has issued via DHCP on the controller VPS itself if that is possible?

Have you considered using the GUI provided by key Networks?

I set up a copy on my end a couple of years ago at the beginning of the pandemic, and it will show the assigned IPs for each client. Given you are already working with a VM, it should be possible for you to make a backup, and install the GUI; in case something goes wrong. The GUI itself reads the info from the local Zerotier configuration, so there’s very little to go wrong.

Are you referring to a self-hosted controller, or Both have a members list that have the info.

Self hosted controller

Ah yep that was the ticket thanks.

My problem was I was trying to use the zerotier-cli instead of curling

I had considered it but I feel a GUI may be unnecessary in my case, thanks

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