Local IP can not access after install zerotier

My local centos 7 server has a local network IP address 192.168.100.x.
After install zerotier and join my ZT network, i can not even ping this local IP address.
Now i can only access the server from ZT network IP address 172.26.x.x.
So what happened after install zerotier? How to get my local network access back?

Looks like you’re wanting to route between your ZeroTier network and your physical network. This is not set up for you automatically. An example of how to do this is in our knowledgebase

Thank you for reply!
Both my working Mac and the Centos server are at the same local network.
Before install zerotier, i can ping and ssh to the server from my working Mac using the local IP address 192.168.100.x.
After install zerotier on both my Mac and the server, I can only access the server from ZT network.
If stop the zerotier-one service on the server, I can access the local IP address again.
So i guess the ZT network block the local IP address.
There is also a OpenWRT soft router running as a network bridge between my ZeroTier network and my local network. Maybe the soft router is the problem.
Thank you!

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