Location of Zerotier servers

Hello everyone.

I’ve been looking for where the Zerotier servers are located, I haven’t found anything.

Could someone tell me where the servers are located?

I’m in Spain.

Thank you

You can see a list of their servers here:

They are located in:
Los Angeles

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Thanks a lot.

Can we decide which one to use or is it not recommended?


You can’t set a priority for which server to use (to my knowledge), but you can just block access to the servers you didn’t want to use. So if you only wanted to use North American servers, you’d block access to the Singapore and Zurich nodes.

One other potentially useful bit of information about our servers: these are the “roots”, which provide a lookup + path-discovery service for ZeroTier peers to discover each other. Under normal circumstances, data flowing between ZeroTier nodes won’t be routed through them.[^1] ZeroTier clients actually announce their presence to all of the roots, so that a loss of connectivity to any one of them doesn’t block you from connecting to peers.

This is somewhat different from most traditional VPN or proxy services – IPSec, mTLS proxies, etc. – which require a trusted backend service to collect your packets and routes them back out to other machines. (FWIW, WireGuard and the products derived from it also share the same basic P2P “data plane” architecture as ZeroTier.)

[^1]: (The exception to this is cases where there is no available path directly between peers, in which case the roots can serve as relays. In any case, only the root(s) with the most efficient path between two ZT nodes should be “in the loop”, and all of the traffic remains encrypted end-to-end; the roots can’t see anything aside from the source and destination addresses.)

Thanks a lot to both.


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