Login to community issue

Newbie here. Signed up, looked around and read some posts and then logged out. Downloaded msi file to install on Win7 and installed without a problem. Attempted to login a few minutes later and login screen wants email & password BUT every attempt returns “Invalid user name or password”. The only way I can access this community again is to do a password reset. 4X it is the same.


Ensure you’re typing the correct email address and password. A few failures in a row will also temporarily suspend logins to your account to prevent brute force password guessing attacks.

Yep - that IS the frustration that I did do the multiple checks before posting to the community because I did everything correctly and it was rejected.

And tried from two different computers a Win 7 & Win 10. I never got blocked from attempting to login just had to go through the requesting a password reset and change the password. So email address is right and password is written in a txt file I use so its right there to copy from.

Maybe the “system” needs 24 hours to “lock in” my information?

Nope… Doesn’t work like that. I’m not sure what your issue was. All I can see is that it didn’t accept the password you were typing in as matching the one you initially signed up with.

24 hr later and it logged in without an issue…


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