Loosing connection when switching from WiFi to Cellular

Using ZT to connect multiple devices using ATAK to a TakServer. When connected to WiFi, everything works fine (can be ANY WiFi), and when ONLY connected to cellular, everything works fine (disabling WiFi all together). But, when connected to a WiFi network, and I then leave that network and phone switches to cellular, it appears ZT can’t figure out what to do with that. It shows I’m connected in the app, and ZT Central appears to recognize the device is still there, but I have to manually turn the connection to the network off in the app for several minutes, and then back on again, for it to reconnect to the server. Seems like this was a known issue last year, but I don’t see much recent talk of this (I could be over looking it though…). Any ideas on how to fix this? Need it to automatically connect back and forth from WiFi to cellular. TIA

EDITED TO INCLUDE: running Android app 1.12.0-3

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