Loss of connection of all tools connected to zerotier when changing network

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On windows workstations if I change network (office 1 to office 2) the zerotier connection is broken and I lose all the tools that are connected to it. No way to reconnect, even if I close the zerotier and open again. The only way for now is to shut down the pc and restart. Is there a way to remove a memory that is blocking the new network from being updated for zerotier to connect?

I suspect this is related to Wake from Sleep · Issue #2026 · zerotier/ZeroTierOne · GitHub

(The latest release suggests its made some progress in this area; I haven’t tested yet to see)

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Thank you for following.

In fact, it’s not every time the computer comes back from Sleep, but if there is a network change.

Example between home and office.

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