Lost connect internet interface

I have different windows servers and faced the problem of losing internet. The problem only appears on windows server 2008r2 to which .net 4.5 was installed along with zerotier one(v1.6.6). There is no ping on the gateway, and localhost. Although I can access the server via local ip and from the outside through zerotier. Problems appear after restarting the system.

sorry you’re having trouble. Are you using any settings other than the defaults on your network or on your devices?

It might be due to some firewall or routing issues possibly caused by an interface profile that prevents inbound or outbound traffic on the zt interface. Feel free to run the Powershell commands below to gather some information about this on the server. Change, mask or delete sensitive information.

Also, please provide a brief description of the network topology.

# check if server is domain-joined.  
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_ComputerSystem | select PartOfDomain

# list releated firewall rules
Get-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "*ICMP Echo*", “*zerotier*” | sort DisplayName | ft -auto DisplayName, Enabled, Profile, Direction, Action, *port*

# Get interface, ip and routing info
Get-NetConnectionProfile | ft -auto Name, Interface*, IP*, NetworkCategory
Get-NetIPInterface *local*,*zerotier*,*veth*,*loop* | ft -auto Interface*, AddressFamily, ConnectionState, Forwarding
Get-NetIPAddress | ft -Auto
Get-NetRoute | Where NextHop -notin  "::","","fe80::" | ft -auto ifIndex, *prefix, NextHop, *Metric

They are stuck on 1.6 because Server 2008 won’t run newer.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding it’s only possible to run ZeroTier v1.6 on Srv 2008, ie are the issues that OP encountered related to this?

The reason I’m asking is one might start by possible rule out it has something to do with the local configuration rather than a v1.6 issue.

Sorry. I read your post too fast and thought you were referring to the 1.10.4 firewall bug.

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