Lost the ZeroTier network interface in Debian - How do I restore this?

Today I noticed that I could not access a server I have overseas via ZeroTier. But the server is fully pingable over the plain internet and all of it’s exposed services are fully reachable - https/SSH/etc.

I went in to take a look and ran “ifconfig” and noticed that the usual ZeroTier network interface was now missing! I cannot ping what should be it’s local ZeroTier IP address but again: it is fully pingable from multiple other devices, servers and locations over the regular internet.

The MyZeroTier website does display it as being online and having the same IP address.

I went ahead and uninstalled ZT and removed its directory from /var/lib - reinstalled, restarted a few times and nothing has changed.

How can I restore the ZeroTier network interface and connectivity over ZT?

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