[macOS] How can I get ZeroTier to start during system startup?

On macOS, ZeroTier won’t connect until after I log on to the computer. If we don’t have physical access to the computer there’s no way to reconnect to the machine after it reboots.


Do you have FileVault enabled? In that case nothing, not even macOS itself, starts until you log in.

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I missed your reply @zt-grant. No, FileVault is not enabled and ZeroTier doesn’t connect until after a user logs into the computer. NB, you can restart a Mac remotely a single time and bypass the FileVault login using fdesetup:
sudo fdesetup authrestart

@geistinteractive What version of macOS are you running? I have deployed on a number of systems from 10.12 to 10.15 and haven’t seen an issue with ZeroTier not starting right away with the system on boot, unless of course for some reason (I can’t think of one) your networking is not connecting at all until then.

One issue I have encountered (and still have) is that managed routes don’t seem to get added when ZeroTier connects on a system boot. I have to disconnect from the network and re-connect before they are created.

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