macOS Sierra (10.12) install error?

Hi! The download page still says that it supports MacOS 10.12 or higher, but trying to upgrade a 1.6.6 workstation to 1.8.2 via shell is giving me a strange error:

installer -verbose -pkg ./ZeroTier%20One.pkg -target /
installer: Cannot install on volume / because it is disabled.

From what I can find online this often is because the targeted OS version is not supported.

If that is not the case, any other ideas?

sorry about that. The download page was recently updated to 10.13+

Actually, the menubar app (1.8.3) doesn’t load on 10.13 or 10.14, and its not quite right on 10.15. I’d stay on 1.6.6 for now on older than Big Sur.

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