Mac's doesnt connect , Synology works > some tips to config better my zerotier=

Hi guys, My LAN home are built as with 1)Macpro (ethernet cable) , 2) Macbook(wifi), Synology (linux cable) and one phone. I’ve tried to connect with this devices from outside by phone and the only device NAS Synology was capable to access by remote WAN. I’ve never reach to get contact with Mac computers (inside the same LAN at home) . Only one differences among devices, Synology has a “static IP”, and when I connect from aboard url show , others Mac computers has and This devices connection were refused . I’ don’t know how continue. Some could give me tips to try a solution? thk so much. !

What kind of router at the house? There may be be some settings in there you can fiddle with.

Arcadyan 9517 VSL modem, its ISP modem, nothing professional, but it’s rare because Synology and Mac’s are in the same LAN, so, -Why Syno is reachable and not the computers? Obviously I thk its a port closed , but I supposed Zerotier avoid complications with mask, sub-mask, ip’s, firewall, ports, etc. etc. , now I am in the same point with any other remote software. (thk for answer zt.travis!)