Malwarebytes (v4.5.4) detects zerotier (v1.8.4) trying to access as malware

Recently, malwarebytes detected the following for a Windows machine that has ZT installed. Are these false positives or some other malware trying to use ZT? Some have random ports. Attached show details of one entry. The others are all the same with exception to the port number used when detected.

Malwarebytes and Windows Defender did a full scan and found nothing.

Almost definitely a false positive. The IP in question is likely a member of one of your networks and zerotier is just sending traffic to it.

You’re correct, my machine is communicating with one of the networks I’m a member of. Odd why it’s communicating with this particular network when I have about 7 other networks I’m an active member and there are no such detections to those other networks like this particular one?

Pretty much impossible to say. It’s a false positive though.

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