Managed IP Not Displayed

I have 3 addresses under my Network ID in Basic account, all are authorised in my account settings.
One address is not showing the Managed IP, the other two are showing.
How can i get this Managed IP?

What does the UI on that device say?

It says nothing now as I uninstalled after not hearing anything from support for many days.

At the time I did enter zerotier-cli join [Network ID] and did get 200 join OK.

Support at ZeroTier is disappointing.

Many threads on a given searchable topic in this community appear as though replies were stripped out when topic was closed - this is unlike most other communities where past topics can serve as a resource for problem solving and learning.

Hi @baum. Sorry no one got to you. This is a community forum and not a ticketed support system. We can’t guarantee replies to every thread on here. Paid customers do have access to ticketed support, however.

We also do not remove posts or replies on here unless they’re abusive. Posts do automatically close after a period of time of inactivity, however.

“Paid customers do have access to ticketed support”

Not sure I will get to paid status.

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