Managed Metrics

A somewhat common request.

Might help reduce some of the gaming related questions:

Up for this, this will help in the future for gaming and maybe in other purposes

Up for this.
Szenario: I am having a few ZT nodes in the same segment. As soon as a static route for that segment is published on via one of these nodes, all other (linux) nodes on that segment lose access to the segment as the ZT route now takes precedence. This is caused by ZT routes are always inserted with the default (highest) metric into the routing table. Not having multiple ZT clients in the same segment is not an option, as a few machines need a direct link to convey certain broadcasts to a mobile device on the same ZT network. Not publiching that route would make the rest of that segment unreachable for the rest of the ZT clients.


Having the same issue as @tomsoft few ZT nodes on the same LAN and its a headache. This a feature that has been asked many times on GitHub and I really don’t know why it is backlogged.

Hope you implement this soon.