Managed Routes more than 32?


Is it possible to have more than 32 managed routes in 1 network? Either with ZeroTier one or self hosted?


It’s a hardcoded limit right now unfortunately. This will be improved someday in a future release.

You could run OSPF or something on your zerotier network for a alternative.

How many routes to you think you’ll get up to on this network?

Thanks for getting back to me, potentially could be using 60+ managed routes, i’ll have a look at OSPF and hopefully in the future release it would be great to have access to more managed routes!

You can also use multiple networks, if that fits your usage. If you can segment users that way.

Was thinking about doing it this way, if I more than 1 network on the same controller, can you route between them? For example Network 1 would be and Network 2 would be , can you route between them so users on each network can see the other network nodes?

Many thanks for your help

Yes, through a device that’s on both networks.

Thanks, I’ve just brought up opnsense and have ZT working with all nodes, would you have any examples on how to setup ospf in opnsense to route instead of the managed routes within zt?

We don’t have one, but there should be some out there.

BTW if you’re setting up multiple opnsense routes, see here:

Many Thanks. I have OSPF setup between our OPNsense FW and several Teltonika routers which is working fine and publishing route, my only issue now is that the windows app / iphone app can see the ZT IP’s but cant see the LAN networks behind each Teltonika router even tough each teltonika router network can see each others. Is there a way to have the mobile apps use ospf?


will be a heavy traffic on that relay device.
256# of routes should be ok for most situations I think.

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