Managed routes per member

what’s a good strategy for setting up different managed routes per member?

for example:

I have multiple computers that “join” our private network. They don’t get any special managed routes beyond the “(LAN)”.

… but some hosts use the network as a VPN, so I want them to get a default route for full tunnel mode. These hosts are generally run by people who just want to install something and join a network, as they are not technically competent… I will be a network manager for them.

Setting default routes on a per-member basis is not possible to do via ZeroTier.

Default routes, however, are a specially handled case. If you put a default route on your ZeroTier network, it will only be applied to the machines that have the “Allow Default” option enabled on the network.

is it possible to setup any managed routes per member? i was thinking it might be possible via the flow setup

oh nice, that’s a neat trick of exclusion.

It is not possible to set routes per member via ZeroTier

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