Managed Routes via VL1 Address

Would it be possible to add managed routes via the VL1 address of a node? I think this could remove a lot of requirement for static IP addresses.

Also, the ability to add a note/comment to each managed route would be great.

Thanks for writing. Can you explain a little more?

We can currently add a managed route (subnet) via an IP address but this requires the IP of the route device to be fixed, would it be possible to enter a managed route where the “(via)” was a VL1 address instead?

I realise that this would require a lookup from the VL1 address to the current IP address and that a given VL1 address may have multiple IP addresses though.

Also following this thread!

What you’re asking isn’t possible. I’m confused about your use case though and why you need this. Once addresses are assigned to a node by the network controller, they don’t change.


No problem, if it can’t be done, it just can’t be done!
In all honesty, I only suggested it as you wouldn’t need to assign fixed IP’s to derives which served as a route to a subnet. It would further simplify the setup of a large system with many satellite subnets joining the larger network.

Going back to my original post, would it be possible to add a comment function for each managed route? If I had 100 satellite subnets it would be great if I could label the route’s to these with their city name for example.

Hmm. You can use OSPF or similar on your zerotier network.


It’s not a big problem, I can manually manage the size of network I’ve got planned. The routes shouldn’t change so it was more of a wish than a genuine request.