Micro SBC for Zerotier?

Hi :wave:

Quick Question.

What is the smallest, lightest, lowest power device you’ve installed Zerotier on?

The smallest for me is a Pi Zero W. But for very lightweight IoT, it would be great to find a smaller, lower power SBC.

Any ideas?

Cheers! :v:


I’d like to give this thread an official bump. ZT is known to run on the chip found in the old SheevaPlug which is a bit weaker than modern pi’s I think:

There has been interest in the ESP32 but getting it to do the necessary crypto is the limiting factor.

Aah, yes an ESP32 would be the holy grail answer to this question. If ZT ever become compatible with the module, that would be perfect.

In the meantime.
I was recently looking at the Omega2S from Onion which looks great on paper.

I’ve bought myself an Omega2 from Onion. I’ll update the thread with my results.

Good luck. Let me know if you have any questions.

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