Mikrotik HAP AC2

Mikrotik HAP AC2 (Arm) zerotier not connecting.
Mikrotik setup totally in bridge mode and no firewall rules. Zerotier online on device for a day then it still shows connected in the Zerotier panel but cannot ping to device or from device. disabling zerotier instance and re enabling it only show requesting information private. deleting instance has the same effect. I can only upgrade and after the restart it will re connect for one more day. after that I will need to downgrade the O.S (From 7.6 to 7.4.1) re install zerotier and then it connects again. I suspect network issues as I have the same problems on other of the same carrier on windows 10 and windows 11. Those however I have a task scheduler to disable service and re enable after 15min which then works. However not all clients on same carrier have the issue. I have multiple other clients using same Mikrotik or windows clients that work without problems. carrier support just says the do not have anything that can cause this problem.

Most of the users have a Fritzbox in between the win 10 clients and internet, do not know if that can cause it though. Mikrotiks are not double natted as they run in bridge mode behind fritzbox. I have some where I have removed the fritzbox and run Mikrotik directly as main router, and they all work.

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