Mikrotik rb5009 zerotier integration, cant access proxmox server remotely, and cant see devices from server to remote


I just installed the zerotier service on my mikrotik rb5009 router, im using this as a home lab experiment. I have the zerotier service installed and have the masquerade setup to accept the managed routes/auto ip addresses. However i cannot seem to access certain devices, specifically my proxmox server is not pingable from the zerotier network even though its on the same subnet as the rest of the devices i have that are reachable.

Secondly, i cannot see any of the devices on the WAN zerotier network from my LAN proxmox (or any computer) lan network. Do i need to still install the zerotier app on each device? i thought that since i have a zerotier enabled router i should be able to route all of the ip’s through the router?

Hi there! :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t really understand what you mean by “…and have the masquerade setup to accept the managed routes/auto ip addresses.” . In general, the Zerotier (zt) interface works like any regular ethernet port in RoS.

Here is my setup at home (RB3011):

  1. The zt instance port (eg 9996) is open to the firewall inp-chain for the WAN interface to avoid possble zt relaying.
  2. The zt interface is added to the LAN interface list.
  3. Routing is allowed in the fwd-chain for all interfaces in the LAN interface list.
  4. In “Managed Routes” (zt web admin) a route is added to my home network using “ via” where the latter is the ip address of the zt interface.

That’s it.

Btw, if your router is not the default gw you have to src-nat outbound LAN traffic from the zt interface.

If you need any further assitans regarding RoS I’d suggest you open a thread in the Mikrotik forum (forum.mikrotik.com) and post your complete configuration using “/export hide-sensitive file=myexport” in a terminal window. Also add a brief description of your network topology so people can grasp you config.

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