Mikrotik ROS7 Zerotier- Low bandwidth

Hi! Network noob here. We are currently testing Zerotier for our site-to-site connection with Mikrotik OS7. We notice a decrease in bandwidth when using Zerotier.

Test results:
With IP Tunnel: Send-43.3Mbps; Receive-43.2Mbps
With zerotier: Send-14.2Mbps; Receive-14.1Mbps

I hope someone enlighten me. Thanks.

Can you tell us which model you have? We’re actively investigating reports of slow performance on certain models. Thanks.

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Hi @zt-joseph apology for late reply.

Router: Mikrotik 3011UiAS
Firmware: 7.2.3


The rb3011 has a pretty mediocre dual core ARM CPU. Look at your CPU usage in the router (/system.resources) while you do your throughput testing. You shouldn’t expect more than about 30Mbps aggregate on that system because zerotier is 100% in that mediocre CPU because the encryption is all done in software.


This is correct. To expand on this we have some optimizations planned for these lower-spec ARM32 devices, but if high throughput is really needed we’d recommend getting one of their ARM64 devices which have the AES hardware acceleration. You can easily see 10X performance on those.

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That 10X is darn close. So the RB5009 from Mikrotik can push >=450mbps aggregate across zerotier. The hAP ac2 can do about 45Mbps, it’s a slower Mhz but higher arm arch quad core vs the RB3011. This is on routeros 7.2.3 which shows a zerotier version of 1.6.6

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